Healing Service

The Unity of Kona offers a Healing Service on the first Sunday of every month from noon to 1pm. This is a meditative healing service with sound bath and energy healing provided.

Sound bath uses vibration from instruments like crystal singing bowls to relax the body and mind. The potential benefits of sound bath are very similar to many meditative and relation practices and include decreased stress, lower blood pressure, increased relaxation, improved sleep, decreased anxiety, and much more. Singing bowls along with other instruments will be played for your relaxation and pleasure. Feel free to sit, lay down, close your eyes, or meditate while listening.

Free energy healing will also be provided for those interested. Reiki, one of the modalities used, is a form of Japanese alternative medicine that is often referred to as energy healing. Healing energy is transmitted through the palms of the practitioner to any area in the body needing assistance. No direct hands-on touch is needed for any of the energy work received. During the sound bath, you are welcome to approach our energy healers to receive free healing.

This service takes place in the sanctuary. Chairs are provided but feel free to bring a blanket and or yoga mat to lay down on instead. All are welcome!