Sacred Space Intention Statement

Centered in God, assured by faith and prospered by divine love, we boldly move forward committed to our spiritual growth and service of humanity, as we build unity together.

(Charles & Myrtle Fillmore)

As Unity of Kona we are a spiritual community loving God and serving others. We live our passion and purpose, individually and collectively, co-creating our lives with Spirit.

We are a spiritual ‘Ohana, filled with love, prayer, faith and humor empowering ourselves and others. We are a blessing to the world!

We come together under one roof as a dynamic, vitally alive, prosperous, and thriving spiritual center radiating light and love to all.

We believe in one God. We honor many paths to God.

We comprise and represent all generations.

We believe in service.

We know our new space to be Spirit’s perfect out-picturing of our intentions.

Together in gratitude, we say “YES’ to the physical manifestation of our new church home!

We are UNITY in the community.